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Deer Cleavers

Deer&Predator $125.jpg

Reindeer shaped cleaver from the Ukraine. Features a blue

bakelite handle, portraying a

predator, chasing down its

prey, nicely detailed antlers,

steel pins over a full tang.

Weighs 2 pounds, 1 ounce.

13 inches long, 7.5 inches

at the blade.

Reindeer shaped cleaver from the USSR, or former Soviet Union, made in the 1920's.

The cleaver features a full

tang and has a red plastic

handle. Weighs 1 pound,

6.35 ounces. 13 inches

long, 7 inches at the blade.

Reindeer $50.jpg

Reindeer shaped cleaver is

one of the more unusual designs of this kind. Made in the USSR in the 1920's. The handle of the cleaver has a full tang which is encased on both sides with a varnished wood, secured by pins. Weighs 1 pound, 7 ounces. 12 inches long, 5.25 inches at the blade.

Deer shaped, large-sized,

heavy butcher's meat cleaver

is fitted with a flowing wood

handle. The handmade stainless steel cleaver was made in the USSR many years ago in the 1920's. Weighs 1 pound 4.4 ounces. 12 inches long, 7 inches

at the blade.

Deer $60.jpg
Deer $110.jpg

Reindeer shaped cleaver from the Ukraine. Features a newer oak handle, nicely detailed

antlers, steel pins over a full

tang. Weighs 1 pound, 4.8

ounces.13 inches long, 7

inches at the blade.

Moose cleaver from the Ukraine, getting a new handle and currently being restored. Restored by Kevin Greenlee of Gig

Harbor, Washington.

Weighs 2 pounds, 14.25

ounces. 13.5 inches long, 8 inches at the blade.

DeerHeavy $90.jpg

Vintage Art Deco deer meat cleaver from the 1920’s era in France. The vintage cleaver is hand forged. The cleaver is very heavy and has a long plastic handle with three pins over a full tang. Weighs 1 pound, 5 ounces. 12 inches long, 5 inches at the blade.

A hand forged, majestic deer shaped meat cleaver. Rare and heavy, this cleaver

comes from the Ukraine, via the Soviet Union. Weighs

1 pound,13.2 ounces.

11.5 inches long,

8 inches at the blade.

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