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Origin Cleavers
Bird $65.JPG

Bird shaped cleaver from Bulgaria, has a very heavy

construction from the 1940's.

The cleaver features a full tang

and has a plastic handle.

Weighs 2 pounds, 4 ounces.

13 inches long, 4 inches

at the blade.

Origin bird shaped cleaver

with zoomorphic bird shape. Old stainless steel blade from The Ukraine. Handle has a full tang with brass accents and

wood  inlay. Weighs 12.5

ounces. 11 inches long, 4.25 inches at the blade.

Bird $40.JPG
Snapseed 9.jpg

Handmade bone handle steel zoomorphic bird cleaver. Old

pitted steel blade from Eastern Europe. Handle has brass

accents and bone inlay. Weighs1 pound 1.85 ounces. 12 inches

long, 5 inches at the blade.

Bird $55.JPG
BirdBrass $55.JPG

Origin bird shaped cleaver

with zoomorphic bird shape. Old stainless steel blade from Eastern Europe. Handle has a full tang with brass accents and wooden inlay. Weighs 1 pound 9.8 ounces. 11 inches long,

4 inches at the blade.

Bird shaped cleaver is one of

the more artsy designs of this kind. Made in the Ukraine in the 1900's. The handle of the cleaver has a full tang which

is encased on both sides

with aged wood, secured by flattened out pins. Weighs 1 pound, 9.1 ounces. 12 inches long, 4.5 inches at the blade.

Bird $50.JPG
DoveBrass $65.JPG

Bird origin shaped cleaver from Russia, somewhere in the former Soviet Union, made in

the early 1900's. The cleaver features a brass and steel

handle. Weighs 1 pound,

8.5 ounces. 9.5 inches long,

4 inches at the blade.

This beautifully preserved antique cleaver comes from Southern Italy near Calabria. It was made in a shape that is consistent with older cleavers seen in Italy over the years, most of which were made not in any factory but some sort of general zoomorphic form. The handle scales of this piece appear to be walnut, copper-riveted over a full tang, all rock solid and tight with no problems of any kind. In every respect a truly great find for chef or folk-art lover and an instant heirloom for user and collector alike. Weighs 1 pound 1.05 ounces. 13.5  inches long, 5.5 inches

at the blade.

Snapseed 3.jpg
BirdFunky $175.jpg

This funky shaped bird

cleaver comes from Ile-de-France, France, and has a radical shape design and a nice walnut handle with a full

tang. Weighs 15.40 ounces.

11.5 inches long, 5 inches

at the blade.

Vintage from the 1940’s era origin meat cleaver is from

the USSR, the former Soviet Union. A vintage cleaver is hand made. The cleaver has

a long wooden sturdy handle with three brass pins over a

full tang. Weighs 1 pound, 11.4 ounces. 11 inches long,

4 inches at the blade.

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Catepiller $90.jpg
BirdEngrave $130.jpg
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OriginBird $68.jpg
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